Asbestos: Private prosecution in the victims’ interests

30 April 20 - Uncategorized

Over twenty years after the first complaints, the courts are nearing closure of all proceedings brought in cases of exposure to asbestos. The examining magistrates, in line with the position of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, have just pronounced dismissal of two cases, including the “Eternit” case. They have also already considered the investigation complete in a certain number of other cases, without any liability being upheld on a national level despite the unacceptable delay in banning asbestos in France.

To bring this legal fiasco to an end, and enable a public trial to be held with due involvement of both parties, Dupond-Moretti et Vey will be bringing a private prosecution which will result in those responsible having to explain themselves on the origins of a health scandal which is still causing over 3,000 deaths every year.