The firm

Specialised in criminal defence, DUPOND-MORETTI & VEY provides expert legal advice and defence services at every stage of the criminal justice process (custody, preliminary investigations, criminal court proceedings), for every type of criminal cases, both in France and abroad, for individuals, companies and institutions.

Our law firm deliberately chose to be comprised of a restricted team composed of highly qualified and responsive lawyers, who closely work with the finest specialists in each relevant field. This allows it to successfully handle highly complex white-collar criminal cases (criminal taxation, AMF sanction proceedings, failure of obligatory declarations, Financial Prosecution procedures) and cross-border issues (judicial cooperation, extradition, international jurisdictions proceedings, etc.).

Our team has provided legal assistance before many foreign courts alongside local lawyers (United states, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Spain, etc.).

Over the years, our firm has built up valuable and well-respected experience in fields as diverse as Administrative Law, sentencing, Media Law, Intellectual Property Law, Asylum Law and Alien Law.