Defence of Cameroon political opponents, victims of arbitrary arrest and detention

30 April 20 - Uncategorized

Maurice Kamto, of Cameroon nationality, a university professor and lawyer registered with the Bar of Paris and also a politician, is the president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC in the French acronym), and leading opponent to the party in power in Cameroon. Officially coming second in the presidential elections in October 2018, Maurice Kamto disputed the re-election of President Pau Biya. Today, with around one hundred other opponents, he is the subject of persecution taking the form of legal proceedings resulting in arbitrary detention.

Apart from the applications which may be filed with the Cameroon courts – on which recent analyses of international observers note the stranglehold of the country’s political power -, Maître Dupond-Moretti intends referring the matter to any international body which can establish these infringements and calling on the international community to intervene in order to guarantee the respect of the fundamental rights of Maurice Kamto and his partisans, and their release.