General criminal law

Armed with more than 30 years’ experience in criminal law, and recognised as one of the best in this field, the firm works on behalf of individuals who have been charged or civil plaintiffs.

Our team is available and responsive, so as to meet our clients’ requirements at every stage of the criminal justice process (assistance relating to custody, preparation for hearings and questioning, simulations of real-life scenarios, pre-trial detention hearings, regular visits in detention, etc.).

We work in all criminal courts in mainland France and in the French Overseas Territories for all kinds of offences (assault, damage to property, undermining of public confidence, prejudice to the fundamental interests of the State, etc.).

And lastly, our firm has set up a division dedicated to reducing the sentences of those who have been convicted (see Prison law and administrative litigation).

Our most recent work:

  • Work on behalf of victims of asbestos in the context of investigations underway and preparation of private prosecutions in order to establish criminal liability at a national level.
  • Defence of a politician accused of rape and acquitted by the Court of Assizes.
  • Legal advice to victims of police violence who are subject to an ongoing investigation.
  • Defence of an individual accused of complicity in murder in connection with a terrorist undertaking and acquitted on this count by the Court of Assizes with a special bench.
  • Defence of two private aviation pilots brought before the Court of Assizes with a special bench for importing drugs from the Dominican Republic.
  • Legal advice to two Italian nationals accused in France of offences of importing drugs in the context of an organised network between Europe and Venezuela.
  • Legal advice to an executive with a Monacan company charged with offences of theft of computer data.
  • Defence of individuals recently charged in criminal proceedings ongoing for several decades and never resolved (known as cold cases).
  • Legal advice to minors in the context of investigations, then before specialist courts.