International criminal law and fundamental rights

International practice is at the heart of what we do and of our development. We handle cases in English, Italian and Spanish on a daily basis. We represent our French clients in transnational proceedings (international letters rogatory, mutual legal assistance between States, European and international arrest warrants, extradition requests, applications for asylum, etc.) and advise them on their operations and litigation overseas. The firm also defends foreign companies and individuals in the French courts. We also advise States and their public officials in connection with proceedings in France, and before international institutions. We regularly plead before regional and international courts (European Court of Human Rights, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, etc.). Through the work we have done on our cases, we have developed close links with local correspondents, in particular in the following countries: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, China, Djibouti, Spain, United States, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Monaco, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Netherlands, Peru, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, etc. We have developed significant business in sports law, and we work for professional sportspeople, clubs and associations before European and international bodies (UEFA, FIFA, CAS, etc.)

Our recent work:

  • Defence of leading political opponents detained in Cameroon and referral of case to several international bodies, including the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.
  • Defence of a Swiss national detained in Serbia in connection with execution of an arrest warrant issued by the US justice system for offences of insider dealing.
  • Work in the proceedings for extradition of a French national arrested in the Dominican Republic.
  • Legal advice to a French national arrested in the United Kingdom and forming the subject of an extradition request from the French judicial authorities in connection with an investigation opened for illegal financing of an election campaign.
  • Work on behalf of a former company director in the context of investigations opened in several States (Monaco, Belgium) for offences of corruption, tax fraud and money laundering.
  • Application to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights seeking recognition of the breach of the fundamental rights of the main political opponent and candidate in the presidential election of an African State.
  • Work on the release of an African political opponent held in arbitrary detention in his country for 17 years. Monitoring of the compensation process and the proceedings before the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.
  • Defence of two private aviation pilots referred before the Court of Assizes for offences of importing drugs from the Dominican Republic.