Sports law and disciplinary disputes

The firm has developed expertise in the world of sport. We provide legal advice to French and foreign professional clubs, sports federations and top-level professional players in their contractual relations (drafting and performance of sports contracts, sponsoring, etc.). We assist them in their relations with agents and in management of their image rights (image rights contracts, actions in law by the press, etc.). Several of the firm’s lawyers, experts in this field, also work as sports representatives.

Our recent work:

  • Legal advice to a Top 14 professional rugby club in connection with application of a salary cap rule and defence before the regulatory bodies of the French Rugby Federation and the National Rugby League.
  • Legal advice to a European football club in connection with a preliminary inquiry opened at the National Public Prosecutor’s Office for Financial Affairs for suspicions of match-fixing in the League of Champions.
  • Defence of a top professional boxer, twice French champion, accused of acts of violence against a professional hockey player.
  • Work on behalf of a football player with a major European club charged with offences of blackmail and attempted extortion in the context of an ongoing investigation.
  • Defence of two professional handball players prosecuted before the Criminal Court for offences of complicity in fraud in connection with rigged matches.
  • Defence of two stable managers before the High Commission of the Société d’Encouragement à l’Elevage du Cheval Français [SECF, French Association for Horse-Breeding] for offences of administration of banned substances.