The art market

The firm has developed leading expertise in the art market world. We regularly provide legal advice to dealers, experts, galleries and artists in connection with their activities (trading structures, contractual relations, trademark protection, forgeries, etc.). We are also involved in complex litigation which frequently presents a civil aspect and a criminal aspect. We have also developed expertise in the wine-growing and wine sector.

Our recent work:

  • Defence of the interests of an art dealer prosecuted for offences of deception and forgery of furniture.
  • Legal advice to a furniture expert charged with fraud and money laundering.
  • Defence of a dealer charged on the count of fraud in an organised group for an estimated loss of several hundred million euros.
  • Legal advice to the legal beneficiaries of a renowned artist in the context of the creation of a foundation intended to promote and protect his work.
  • Legal advice to a group of buyers of forged old photographs, civil plaintiffs in the context of an investigation in Paris.
  • Defence of accused parties referred to the Criminal Court for offences of dealing in stolen works of art.
  • Legal advice to a Bordeaux wine distributor in the context of proceedings relating to offences of forgery and unfair competition.
  • Defence of the owner of a renowned vineyard, charged with offences of unlawful acquisition of interests in the context of the classification of wines.
  • Defence of a famous group of musicians in the context of civil and criminal proceedings relating to the right to use and the right of ownership of a group’s name.